Hey guys,
I have been a musician for about 11 years,
11 years of cello,
6 years of Bass, Upright and Electric and about
3 years of Guitar, I live, breath and love music.

But its time to upgrade my current guitar and amp selection.
I've never had to buy an amp.
But i went down to my local guitar store, well a couple of them and played a couple of different amps, and the two i liked the best were the

Fender Hot Rod DeVille 410
and the
Fender Hot Rod DeVille 212

The 410 has 4 10 inch speakers
and the 212 has 2 12inch speackers

they both have 60 watts of great watts, but whats the difference, Anything i should know about these two? Any one have any thing good to say or bad to say about these two amps?

And then for a guitar right now i have a Prs, and i have always wanted a fender
so the two ive really liked are the American Deluxe series

American Deluxe Stratocaster
and the
American Deluxe Stratocaster HSS
and then in the back of my mind is the
American Deluxe Telecaster®

And of course there is the ash model of each, What would the ash do to the sound of it? And does anyone have a guitar with the rolling nut HSS System, I want to hear some feedback.

Any Good comments will help me, and please dont bullshit some answer to have yourself posted, because im serious, and i dont want some idiot to **** up my final decision, Well he probably wouldent if i am in love with the guitar.

Thank you
Well to address the guitars. The Fender American Deluxe would be the way to go depending on your musical tastes. As long as you tried out the guitar and know that you really like it go for it. The ash gives the guitar a more midrangy tone im my experience with it. The cleans aren't as sparkly with the ash but I like them that way. All in all the tone is just slightly thicker I would say. But thats just my experience from playing with one once. I can't comment on teles as I am turned off by them now. I own a tele and I love it to bits cause its mine but I would never by one again. They are just uncomfortable imo and I don't enjoy most tele necks. That's just me though.

As for the amps I looked at the specs on both amps and the only major difference is the speakers unless I missed something. The 410 would just push more air then the 212 so technically it would sound louder. Unless you are doing suitable sized gigs I would go with the 212 since you already know you like the amp.
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Im gonna get the 212, but why is the price only 50 dollars more for the 410? If it pushes out more air and sounds louder?

For the Guitar its gonna be the American deluxe
and I'm gonna put on a black pick guard and black volume and tone knobs and replacement the existing hardware with gold screws. Tell me if thats gonna look nice or what.

Great setup you'll have there man. The $50 dollar difference for the amp is nothing really. Unless you plan to be gigging and need the extra "volume" there is no need for it. Good luck with your purchases.
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hey man,
I actually have the fender american deluxe HSS and it go great for a all round GUitar it has the LSR nut which you speak of and to tell you the truth is doenst make much difference if you use high tension strings ive found if i use light gauge ernie ball slinkys its works great to give me a more slow vibration on the string which is great for distortion

the guita is extremly versatile with the SCN pickups and HUmbucker makes it easy for blues to anywith up to metal i difantly reccomend for you

Sorry bout typos
I have the American Deluxe Stratocaster HSS, and love it more than breathing. It's a great sounding, incredibly versatile guitar. The S-1 switching, which I originally thought was just a gimmick, actually delivers a wide range of sounds.

For the amp, I have a couple comments/questions.

First, do you really think you'll need 60W? My amp's 60W, and it's damn loud. I hardly use it at home because I can't get to it's sweet spot without hurting my ears in the house. I have a few small tube amps that I toy around with instead. For playing with a band, it's still rarely above "5." The 40W Deluxe size will give you all the power you need to gig, and get you to tube saturation without hurting your ears (too badly!).

Also, my personal preference is for the Blues Deluxe over the Hot Rods. The Hot Rod is based on the BD, but has extra circuitry built in for the extra gain stage. I think the push-button extra gain sounds a little cheesey, and that the extra wiring is sapping tone from the clean channel. The Blues Deluxe is just a nicer sounding amp, especially clean.

I'd recommend a Blues Deluxe (40W) and a high quality OD pedal with the money you save. Maybe a TS/OD-808, Fulltone Fulldrive, etc. Those pedals will give you a better OD sound than the extra stage on the Hot Rod, IMHO.
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