i was thinking about getting one, but i wanted to know how it compares to my Ibanez Rg321, i want a neck like the one on my ibane. any info on teh jackson?
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The necks are very nice on Jacksons. They are quite similar to Ibanez, just not as thin. At least that's what my memory is telling me anyways. You should just go to a shop and try some out.
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dude i have 4 jacksons and trust me with the rr3 you wont be disapointed as it being compared to the ibanez but then again its always better to try some stuff out you know
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i've been thinking about getting one of these too

i wanted to get an RR1, but its 2 grand
so instead, the rr3 is $800, plus $250 for an ofr, you can basically get an RR1 w/ a bolt on neck for $1050

thats my reasoning anyways
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The RR3 has a pretty wide neck compared to the RG321. Still a great guitar though, I'd definitely recommend it.

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i have an rr3, its pretty nice, pretty fast too. definitely my favourite metal guitar, that i've played anyway...
i got one, i love it. the neck is a tad wider but its really fast, you wont be disappointed