i just restrung yesterday and my E-string is sounding really muffled, all the rest sound fine, but no matter what i have done my E-string is muffled

i looked at the bridge and the red cloth that is over the string is touching the spring on the bridge, im pretty sure thats whats wrong but how do i move the string away from the spring?

my bass is a Fender Squire P-Bass
If it's behind the saddle, there's nothing to worry about.

But I don't know why it would sound muffled. It might be lower than the other strings or something.
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So far that's what it looks like. Take it to a tech.
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so no one knows y it is muffled
What strings are you using? also it is not uncommon in a new set to find dull string/s
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Does it fit in your nut? Maybe it's too big or something? I dunno.
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If by muffled you mean that when you play through your amp its too quiet, than raise the pickup to be closer to the string. If not, try raising the action to make sure its not rubbing anywhere, plus raising the action generally makes it a bit louder.