medical need medical plead
somethings free alot of greed
follow my lead do a good deed
numb me drain me feel me heal me
clip me ship me package and deal me
Rest my eyes in strawberry pies
warm me up like a furnace cup
make my sound sound so profound
clear as day clear as night
watch as my mind takes flight
many things stream
most are dreams
at least that's how they seam
propaganda wars crawl on the floors
uproot my plants and leaves
all because of wear it doesnt lead
big eyes eyes red
i need something to be fed
i explain reasons but all they do is shrug
if your wondering what this songs about
its about........doughnuts

i wrote this in class one day. just kind of an odd stream of drug culture references and opinions. As for the name im not really good at picking names so thats why its not very good.