Hey guys, I'm a noob guitarist, and I'm an even noobier bassist. But I'm trying to pick both instruments up so I'm looking for a new bass to buy. Right now I'm looking at an epiphone eb-3 bass that I can get new for 200$ and I wanted to know if anyone has any experience with the model. If anyone would reccommend it, or something better that I could get for the price.

Unfortunately I can't stay to chat about it, I have a guitar lesson. I'll be back in about an hour so peace until then

Ibanez has some damn good starter packs...you should check them out

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Alright if you're only looking for a bass then I suggest the Ibanez GSR200. If you want a bass and amp then an Ibanez starter pack is the way to go. I'm assuming you have a guitar amp since you said you play guitar so if you get just the bass you could play bass through that at low volumes until you can get a bass amp.
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+1 on the Ibanez GSR200. i think almost half of us started on one it seems. Since you have a guitar amp, don't buy a McShitty bass amp, save for an alright one. Some other brands to look into would be Squier and Fender (used maybe?), always solid choices. I'm not familiar with the ed-3, so I can't really help you with advice on that one.
I also suggest an Ibanez starter pack, or GSR200. Either one of those, or an ESP/LTD F104, I have one and love it to death. It may be a little out of your price range ($299.99). If you buy it, you'll be nothing but pleased with it.
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I'm on the GSR-190 (the starter pack) and I just love it. I've had it since last September and the only problem I've had was a wire inside snapping .. I glued it back on (yeah really handy...yeahno) and it's been fine since. But seriously, it plays very well if you're not going to be using it for gigs or anything quite yet.
i'm not looking for anything for gigs, but I already have an amp... and sry guys I'm a teenager on a very limited budget, so when I say $200, I can't go any higher... maybe $250, but that's it. I know I won't get a very top-end bass for that much money, but it will get me along learning until I'm more certain I'll stick to it (so far I've been hooked to my guitar)
If you're a beginner i wouldn't buy an epiphone bass, they've got really short necks and can be quite misleading as a first bass, most basses are considerably bigger so buy something full size first.