This is the email that I recieved from them this afternoon after ordering my epiphone les paul elitist

Thank you for ordering with Thomann and your confidence
in our products and services.

************************Important Information*************************

Sorry, but due to high value and nature of items ordered we would need
further card confirmation to proceed.

We would ask you to provide us with a copy of the front and back of
your card to prove that the card has not been cloned, along with some form
of identification, examples of accepted I.D. would be;

1. A Copy of a photo drivers license
2. A Copy of your passport
3. A Copy of the header of your credit card statement or Utility bill
showing your address details

Please note both the copy of the card and ID are needed to proceed with
the order, understandably we do advise customers to blank out the
middle 8 numbers on the card, along with the CVC code on the back to avoid
any concerns regarding Fraud.

Please send all details via e-mail - International@thomann.de or via
Fax - 0049 9546 9223 24 **Quoting your Customer number at all times** for
the Attention of Edd

This is a one-off request, and if you are asked again for informaiton
of this kind on future orders please notifiy us immediately!

**Alternatively as a second option, I could offer bank transfer payment
including a 2% discount, please advise how you would like to proceed!**

Please go thru this order confirmation and check that all the
products are listed right and have the correct quantities.

The prices are made to a round figure in Euros and contain your
local tax (unless you have supplied us a valid tax number or the
shipment is going outside of European Union):

A 20%, DK 25%, FIN 22%, GB 17.5%, IRL 21%, NL 19%, SWE 25%

If you find any mistakes, please contact us immediately as
return shipments can be costly.
Please accept our apologies for the product description being
only available in German at the moment.

Then it went on to list the items that i had bought. I just dont buy it, i mean first of all he spells through as thru, i mean who in the right mind spells it like that in a "formal" letter. Any thoughts?
i'd suggest phoning them......don't give them that over email....its a scam
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i'd suggest phoning them......don't give them that over email....its a scam

Yeah im gonna phone them in the morning, i thought thomann where a trusted company though...ive heard no bad comments on them. The really bad thing is thats the only shop i can get this guitar from now because theyve been discontinued

EDIT: gonna post this in the pit coz its not really about guitars so no one reply to this please, head to the pit if you wana contribute
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