Who else adores this game? **** these new FIFA or Por Evo games, where the players are so realistic in the way they move, and look, thats its actually lost the point (good gameplay). Diving a quarter of the pitch for a sliding tackle, scoring from the walf way line, goalies hitting corner flags when going for saves...yes this is SENSIBLE SOCCER and the difference between this and new footie games of today - ITS ACTUALLY FUN!

I had it on snes and adored it, my snes broke so i bought it as a 'TV game', and i still love it, so i thought i'd make a thread on it.

So yeah, who else loves this game?

(and oh yeah dont forget the classic music )
It was a classic.

I loved how all the massive teams were in it and so were Wrexham. I always went them and won the leagues with them. Brilliant stuff.
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