how many types of harmonics are there? i know the ones by laying your finger over the string on like the 7th 12th and 17th and 19th fret or somethin? but ive heard of pinch harmonics, how do you do those? and are there any other types?
Pinch harmonics are where you pick the string and a millisecond later your finger brushes it making an artificial harmonic. This can be achieved on any fret depending on your amp/guitar/pickup quality.
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Pinch Harmonics, tapped harmonics, touch harmonics. search them I'm sure somebodies explained them half a dozen times by now.
Natuaral Hamonic- GENTENTLY placign a finger of the string. on the 5th,7th,and 12 th fret.
Pinch Harmonic-The one thats makes your notes scream. it a lil tricky. you sorta hit the note and use yourr thumb to hit the string in a "Sweet spot".
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matrix is it like a squeel like ive done it before without trying i think where it just squeels ca use my finger touched it after i picked it.
theres a pinch harmonic- you hold the pick with like 2 centimeters left shown and pluck the string muting it with your thumb right after you pluck it. it will cause a squeal. zakk wylde and dime do this too.