I feel I'm not improving how I used to. I've been playing for around 2 years now, but I took a break during last summer for some reason.

Anyways, I don't feel I'm improving or even playing good at all. All the things I do are extremely simple, any ideas on what I could do to step up my playing a little bit and make myself feel better about my playing level?

Patience boyo patience. I took the summer off too, and it only took me like maybe a month and i was back to my normal self. So it just takes time.
Try playing harder songs...?

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dude i feel you. i've been playing for 3 year and about the same time last year was the same thing for me. so what i did was i bought a drum set so i could experiment around while my guitar playing suddenly went dry. well i got to say druming is so much freaking fun but still not as fun as guitar. when i first got the drums thats all i played for like a month or to and was worried i'd never want to play guitar again. AHH. but sure enough i got an itch to play guitar again. now i still play drums but guitar is still my main weapon. now i am more open for more bands cause i play 2 instruments.
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Try playing harder song...?

I will.

And thanks guys for all the replies, keep them coming please!
i'm gonna quote the great darrel abbot of Pantera.

(From the April 07 issue of GuitarWorld)

"Finally, even when you find yourself trapped
in the deepest rut you've ever known, don't ever forget just how
good the guitar sounds. Sometimes, because you've been playing so much
it's easy to take the thing for granted. Never let this happen, dad! The next time
you think "Oh shit, this sucks,", slow down a little bit, take a step back, and
then take a look at things. Whenever I got down on my playing, I just bend a note,
shake it, and listen! What I hear sounds so great that it makes me realize that even
a rut doesn't suck!" The guitar is a killer sounding instrument, man. That's why we play
it. So the next time you're in a rut, just think of me. You'll be out in no time."

So yeah, just expounding on that, try out different styles. If you mainly play metal or rock, try exprimenting with blues or jazz. it'll make you a more versatile and better player.
when I find myself in a rut as far as improving goes, i listen to nothing but music without guitars in it. I find that because of the nature of the guitar, people tend to fall into comfortable positions, boxes, and repeat the same licks and just go stale. I find that listening to say a Coltrane CD from start to finish just puts these ideas in my head that wouldn't come from playing guitar.
Spam and Fender, your posts were very helpful. I'll listen to a bunch of classical orchestra and think of guys from Pantera. Thanks!

Blues and Jazz sounds fun also. Thanks again!
I think the best thing to do, and something that's worked for wonders for me, is that when you get stuck in a rut, learn something new. Not necessarily a new song so much as find a new kind of music that you don't know much about. For me, that was the new John Mayer (Continuum) stuff. It's just different from the way I have always played. I learned a lot of that stuff, and now I feel as though I'm progressing again. I think broadening your scope can always help.
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The whole article by dimebag in guitarworld is really helpfull for helping you get out of ruts. You should definetly pick it up if you need help.
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any type of Art Music (more commonly called classical) i have had my radio tuned to a local art music station for the past week or two...and wow. ive been picking up and just improvising a lot better than before. there is just something about it that just gets you thinking about music in general. check it out.
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i just hit that, so f'in annoying, it takes a lot of will power to work through, but once you sit down and work your ass off practicing really well for 2 days, youll feel good again...hopefully
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