The guitar I'm putting this pickup in is made of mahogany, I play metal, all kinds so it kind of really needs to be able to handle all types of high gain sounds, cleans don't matter at all. Which one is better? Is the JB worth the extra $20? thanks.
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The Bill Lawrence is waaaaaaaaaaaay better.

The JB is far too trebly and thin sounding, in my opinion.
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yeah i have an original bill lawrence xl 500 the dimebucker dime used in the late 80s, and 90s, its amazing so much better. the new ones are semour duncans, their less punchy, and a diffrent tone, but much better than the jb, i would use a jb as a neck pup.

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alright thanks everyone. I'll be putting a duncan Jazz in the neck, by the way.
Jackson DK2M White
Mesa Dual Rec(2 channel)
Carvin V212