I was looking into this product and it seemed to be pretty good for the price.

The only thing I haven't heard we're sound clips of anything recorded with it.

Anyone have any insight on this product or sound recordings they have made with it? I'm looking to make full track recordings (drums, guitars, vocals).
i have owned one for about a month and it does just fine for what i need (regular full recordings). The sound quality isnt the greatest but for the price it is pretty nice.
i have never had the chance to use a digital mixer so i dont really know.

However i know they are much more expensive but most likely have better sound quality
yeah your right about that, sorry.

The other thing would be if you want to record to a computer.

With the Multimix you can have each of the 12 inputs good to a separate track on the computer software.
and im not sure if the BR 600 would also do that since its usb only