I just bought one for 229 pounds, i'm picking it up tomorrow I had a play of it in the shop and I thought it sounded amazing, best one I played there.

Has anyone else got this what do you think of it ?
No it isn't, because no matter what you guys were going to say I was going to buy it, I was asking why I should buy this I was just woundering if anyone had it and if they enjoyed playing it.

I'ved played it allready and I like it I just wanted to see what other thought, smartass
I've got the left handed version of it. Best guitar you can get in that price range.
I tried one in a shop. It was really nice. Just a bit out of my price range. You got a really good price for one?

I'm thinking of getting a Tanglewood TW115 ST or AS.
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I ggot this TW15-NS for 239 pounds it had been dropped from 280 pounds, it's a cracking guitar though one of the best i've played in this price range I would definetly reccomend saving a bit more and getting something like this is brilliant guitar