These Final Hours

San Bernadino, CA's finest death metal band. They will begin recording their debut EP, yet to be titled, for the label within the month. Expect to hear from them soon.

I have cancer, fight me.
whoa...these guys are awesome. I think I like 'em the best out of all the bands you've signed. Congrats!
dude holy ****, these guys are amazing. I just listened to all of their songs. sent them a friend request, gonna get that EP for sure.
Like Before said, probably the best band on your label.

EDIT: Me and a friend of mine are looking to start a melodic deathcore band sometime soon, and I meant to ask you what we have to do to get signed to Monstrosity. I don't like comparing my own music to other bands', so I'll just say that we're HIGHLY INFLUENCED by bands like Misericordiam and Devourment.
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Yeah, I found that out about 3 minutes after I edited that post and looked at the MR page :/

But it all sounds good to me. I'll drop you a line once we've got a press kit finished.

I've got one question though. As you may or may not already know, me and Brian (my friend) live in Germany, but I'll MOST LIKELY be moving to Oregon after this school year, though he won't be there until he graduates I think. Anyways, if we were to get signed to MR, would we have to relocate or just drive down there when there's a tour or something?
^ I support bands who live all over the world, just some of my services are limited to bands in certain areas. Like, i'm not all too familiar with booking in Oregon, but I would have no trouble finding out about the venues and such should I need to book a band who lived there.
I have cancer, fight me.