I was wondering what I should get a Boss metal zone or a dod death metal distortion. I play death metal. Thanks
I'm going to give you a piece of advice that I want you to carry with you for the rest of your life:

Just because it says "metal", does not mean that it will give you a metal tone.
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A lot of people will tell you the metal zone sucks, but I have one, and how I have it set, it sounds pretty good. However, notes aren't as clear with it as I'd like, which is why I now have a tube amp, but it's a good pedal imo...

I've tried the Death Metal pedal, the metal zone is the better of the two. I've heard good things about the Line 6 Uber Metal though, but I dunno, never tried one.
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metal muff.
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dont get the death metal. for sure. it blows. honestly, i dont like the boss. i had it, didnt like it. i now have the metal master pedal, and LOVE IT.
Boss and Digitech distortions arent very great for death metal

I myself just bought a metal muff with Top Boost and its great with all my deathmetal and deathcore songs. Another thing you can try is the Electro Harmonix Silver dragon or something like that.
I actually liked the Metal Master when I had it. If you can deal with a little hissing in your amp from all the gain you can get some great sounds out of it. I also had the Black 13....This thing is quite a little badass. But it is a unique sound that is only for some people. The guy at the store where I sold it was a huge Anthrax fan and loved it. He is also a semi-pro musician. He said it sounds amazing but its real limited in who it would appeal to. Plus the 6th setting is all but usless.

I wasnt a fan of the Boss pedals. I think you should look around at Electro-harmonix and stuff like that. I happen to use a vox pedal that has a tube built in. It runs cold so there is no warming up, but it still clips like a normal tube. Its also a little badass pedal and they make a few different ones in the same line. They are called Vox Cooltron. Also I hear great things about the Coffin Case Blood Drive. I dont happen to like The Krank Distortus Maximus but you could look at that too. There is a lot more out there than Boss and Digitech. But the Metal Master and the Black 13 were both real good, solid pedals i my opinion.
if you're gonna rely on the stomp box distortion for some time, get a sturdy, good sounding one. I recommend the Tech21 Sansamp GT2 or MI audio TubeZone. Yes they're a little pricier than your average boss or run of the mill stompboxes but they provide quality tone.
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The Metal Muff is awesome. I have also heard good things the Line 6 Uber Metal(or w/e it is called)
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everyone says bad things about the mt-2 but it really isnt that bad once you get the right setting, as long as you dont turn everything up its ok
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I didn't like the Death Metal pedal when I tried it out but I didn't spend that long tweaking to be honest.

I got a great death metal tone from a Metal Zone, but I never tried it loud - just at bedroom levels. But it did sound very good at that level.

I will get to try one at rehearsal volumes very soon.
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ye should check out the line 6 uber metal, i have one and u can get a much larger range of tones from it then say the metal zone, its a lil more expensive but definately worth it

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