is there any possible way to put a floyd rose on in place of a hardtail bridge? i really like what ive got now, ive got a custom fender telecaster, its so cool!, but i want a floyd rose because i like the sounds you can get from them. is there any way to replace the hardtail and put on a floyd rose(please dont call me retarded if there is no way and this is a stupid question
It is "possible", but it would cost so much, and you could not do it yourself unless you are a skilled luthier. You could buy a pretty decent guitar with a floyd for just a little more than the whole process would cost.
It's not a stupid question but if you're not prepared to do some work yourself, it probably will set you back a few hundred dollars to have someone do it plus the cost of the Floyd. If you can't/won't do it yourself, consider buying a guitar that already has what you want. Templates are on their site if you want to do it yourself.