ok, I've been playing for a couple of months so far and I want to get into some effects. I play classic rock and my price range is about $100 (CAD). My question is if i should get a multi effects pedal (digitech RP80/RP50) to experiment with till i improve, or, should i get a specific pedal (wah, distortion etc.) or should i just wait till i improve to even think about getting effects. I know ive had a couple similar threads but bear with me, thanks.
Well if you have the money and you want a wah i would recomend a crybaby.
or just expirament with the distortion peda you have now.
wah's nice to screw around with, you'd probably get the most use out of it... if you go for a multi-effect, research it first. I know lots of people who end up regretting the purchase.
Well, since you don't know what you want yet, I will (heaven forbid) suggest a multi-effects. But, that's only if you don't mind spending money on something that you will never use again after about 4 months. But it is a great way to get more familiar with effects, and deciding what you will use more, and what you'll need to buy for single effects.

And also, a wah is a great thing to play around with.
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Wah is one of the more fun effects, in my opinion. That'll keep you entertained for a long time, and you'll probably actually end up using it, too.
a friend of mine has a multi-effects pedal and is getting a wah pedal so instead of spending the money maybe borrowing it would be a better idea?
Yes, by all means, do that. It'll give you a great idea of which effects you like and what they all sound like. The only problem with multi-effects is that you usually pay for them.
If you can borrow a multi-fx unit, or even better a load of stompboxes/separate effects from a friend. Decide what you like and works for you best. Remember that things may sound really cool, but if you won't use them other than to noodle with then they may not be the best things to invest in just yet - I have a DD6 which cost me £100 that I rarely use, but it's a lot of fun to mess around with (main reason I don't use it is that it eats batteries and my power supply blew up the last one, so I'll eventually buy a proper boss one but until then it's not used much).

I reccomend a good wah, chorus and either flanger or phaser (you can get the latter three combined in one analogue pedal though I think, might not be great in the long run but will be a start). Behringer make a cheap multi-fx stompbox - http://www.guitarampkeyboard.com/options.php?id=69650, its only £26, the fx won't be amazing but it's certainly cheap so you don't have to save for as long to get the next, and it contains a lot of fx so you will get to grips with a good selection.