Yes this is going to end up being some sort of pointless ramble but I seem to have fallen into a slum.

Last week out of nowhere I got a pretty bad flu and I'm thankful to be a lot better now
(Was sick for almost 10 days). However it's really pushed me back. I'm in one of those schools where they just load you with work and expect you to keep up constantly. Since I got sick I ended up missing an entire week, I know it doesn't seem like much. But the first thing they did when I got back today was throw the entire weeks work at me. I worked hard all quarter I managed to get 90% and higher grades in most of my classes. However i've fallen behind and I just can't take it. They're expecting me to do 3 review packets and all of last weeks homework assignments in a day, i'm still tired and a bit weak from what happened and I don't know how to get all this work done, it's really getting to me. I can't understand a thing and I fear my grades are going to drop badly. There's just no chance, I couldn't even go to guitar lessons the last two weeks and i'm not allowed to play sports for a month. So I have to replace gym with more homework assignments.
How do you get back to your normal life and catch up with yourself?
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Don't waste your time looking at pr0n and UG and concentrate on the work for as long as you can.
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Well, explain to the teachers what is happening, and maybe they'll excuse you or help you. Don't worry, your grades wont drop by much if you do half ass on a weeks worth of stuff.
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I say take your time with all your assignments, because your teachers are being unreasonable pricks. Just do as much as you can and come back to it, I wouldn't do it all at once if I was still feeling weak from being sick.
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you just got buckle down and get it done. think of how relieved you'll be when you're caught up
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same thing with my school man. i feel your pain. but i get 2 days for every missed day, so if you was at mi school, youd have 2 weeks to do all that shit.
just kill off allll your teachers
problem solved.