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Hey guys
since i never have the motivation to completely finish a song, i thought i would just put a couple of them together into one file and get some feedback on any of them.
i have posted one of them before but ive added a little to it.
please have a listen.
will crit back
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nice dude great composser xD................ i liked the intro alot a very nice dark sad tone
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very good work man
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any suggestions on which of the 3 intros i should continue on with? i was thinking either 1st or 2nd?
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1st song (guessing bars 1 - 23) sounded good cept there was somethin with the drums that I wasn't feelin. coulda been me, I'm no drummer =)

2nd song: I liked it. Couldnt see anything wrong with it. Very nice.

3rd song: eh . .wasnt bad . .just sounded kinda cheesy to me. I did like bars 56+ tho.

personally I liked the 2nd one the best. I think it has the most potential =)
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I liked 1 and 2.
For the first one, I liked bars 1-10 but bars 11 and on didn't match IMO. You can do something REALLY cool with this one.
Nothing was wrong with number 2.

Heck, I would suggest sticking number 2 after 1 after doing something really heavy in the middle of it.
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Splendid! though I didn't like the drums in the intro. Bars 15-18 sounded much Death. In the ending there were good rock licks what I liked, try to make drums in those parts too. I suggest you to make new song using those rock parts

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Those were some pretty cool said before the first intro sounded very evil and it had a cool effect. Nothing specific stands out but they are all good concepts
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Thanks heaps for the responses guys, ive decided to completely ditch the last one, and using the other 2 as part of a song, i may edit the lead bits a to fit in with the song.

first time ive ever touched drums, i will definitelty clean them up.

Im happy someone said it sounded like death, that was exactly what i was aiming for that riff