it seems expensive but i want to know if its worth it, thx, (i dont know where else to post this thread so i hope this is right)
I took guitar lessons for $12 per lesson from a musical genius with a home studio and I said it's worth it.
depends what you play. if you play jazz or classical or something else complicated lessons could help sort out the stuff you need to practice. If you play any form of rock (alternative, metal, emo, anything) you only really get better by getting a feel for what you need to do to play what you want.
take a few
then teach yourself, like i did
actually, it depends on your musica knowledge
if youve been in skool band, then youre fine with just a few, you might need more if you have not much musical knowledge
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i take 45 min lessons once a week and my playing skill has increased exponentially since i started them.
I would say that almost regardless of what you play, how you play, or what style, taking lessons will help you. Not only will the theory and technique training most likely help you, the simple fact that you're committing to study the guitar on a scheduled basis will force you to keep working at it. If for example, you were going to promise me you'd practice every day for a certain amount of time, and really work at becoming better at the guitar, I'd say lessons could be good or bad, but simply based on the fact that lessons keep you going at guitar on a regular basis, I'd say they're worth it.
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yes yes yes yes yes dont listen to anyone who says it "dampens creativity". you need to take lessons and learn theory and things like that.

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dude lessions are deff worth it. ya there money and ya, there confusing at first but do it. If you learn anything from it, it was worth it.

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i have no previous musical experience, what im looking to learn are scales and whats in what key.
ActoGuitar, just one if not the best site to learn guitar.
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Guitar teachers are realy usefull. The guy i have teaching me just asks me what im finding difficult to understand and he'll explain until i get it and i pay 15 pounds for an hour every wednesday. And its normaly something fun to look forward to.
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yes.. if youre willing to throw down the cash, and have the cash to throw..

do it.

youll be glad in the long run.
my playing skill has increased about 100X since I started lessons about one year ago, i've been playing guitar for a total of 5 years now, and never really bothered with theory...big mistake
It's always worth it - provided you have a good teacher.

Take a couple, and make sure you are getting more than just some songs taught to you.
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Ooh, yeah, worth it. I've gotten tons better since I started lessons.
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I agree with nightwind, totally worth it if you have a good teacher. A good teacher will split up lessons to keep you from always working on theory,though theory is a must it can get boring rather quickly, theory only becomes fun after you start to apply it. Also a good teacher will offer you several options on ways to be taught, most people don't learn the same way and a good teacher will work to find a technique that works best for you if necessary.
ive taught myself for 4 years and though i might have benefited from lessons, there is some comfort in knowing ive got to where i am by myself and knowing limited theory. just do whichever you want but if you go alone dont give up hope if you think youre doing things wrong. i got down in the early days but im alright now.
iv only been playin fr 3 years n i started with lessons personally it took up a lot of my spare time and created problems which detured mi from playing but i quit lessons and have been teaching myself n its allot ezyer n allot more fun
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it seems expensive but i want to know if its worth it, thx, (i dont know where else to post this thread so i hope this is right)

If you want to get really good then I strongly recommend taking guitar lessons, but find a teacher who's very experienced (at least 20 years of playing).
I have been taking lessons from a teacher with 25 years experience and I do 2 hours a week at £20 an hour. I was self taught for a year but when I took lessons I became exponentially better at guitar.

It depends if you can afford it and if you feel you need it. A teacher can point you in the "right" direction with technique and every aspect of the guitar.
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Lessons are worth it, you learn alot from it and it also comes in handy if you have a little chord progression to show your teacher tell him to play it the you can play scale's over it that's what I do with my teacher.

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