im doing a speech (for class not infront of a big crowd or anything) on johnny cash, and ya, i have to present tomarrow and i just want to make sure i have all/most of the important stuff...

any suggestions on stuff not to forget...

ive done like two weeks worth of research on top of my prior knowledge of him. so im not asking you to do my homework or anything like that

just facts that i shouldnt forget
I'm sure you've probably already got that he was called the man in black, and that he was found with like a bunch of pills in his guitar case or something, and that he covered a NIN song (which in my opinion was better than the damn original).
I'm so damn jealous of myself.
and don't forget he was "The Man In Black" if you do, you fail in all of your fellow UGers' Eyes

not sure if u looked into this but he only had an octave and a half of range...and an incredibly low octave and a half...heh.
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don't forget that he shot a man in reno just to watch him die
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