Ok my pinkys are kinda croked so its extremly hard to play with my pinky. I kinda like havin croked pinkys until i discovered this so do you guys think i should go to a doctor and see if i can get em fixed or should i just push it to play with my pinky or should i learn to play with out it?
learn to play with it. when you're big and badass, you can tell of how you overcame your crooked pinky problem.
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you gotta learn to play with the pinky, if its possible avoid surgery, but don't think you will make it too far without the pinky, its not as necessary for beginners, but once you get good and start shredding you'll NEED it
yea its hard tho my pinkys like a centimeter shorter than normal cuz if the crokedness and its not super croked but sometimes it goes into different frets on diff strings and i can have that when i play chords. and it just hurts to use it
^ Ouch... I hate to be the one to say this, but pics?

My index fingers are both pretty bent around my middle knuckle, and that gave me a bit of trouble when I first started working with barre chords. I got over it eventually though, and I can now barre just as well as the next guy. Maybe it's just practice you need, some time to get used to your setback. Chances are you'll find a simple, practical solution and it'll turn out alright.

If it actually hurts when you use it though... You might want to talk to a professional abotu that.
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the whole hitting wrong frets and stuff sounds to me like you just need more practice. a bad workman blames his tools....aw i feel so dirty after that cliche.
i have crooked pinky's as well. it really doesnt matter. From all the guitarists ive seen over the years, ive learned. That no matter what shape your hands, stubby to long EVERYONE has the ability to become a great guitarist, some people just ahve to practice more and develope different styles. Hell ive seen guitarists with no hands play witht heir toes.