If you're given the chance to perform in the biggest gig on earth, wat wil u perform?

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If you're given the chance to perform in the biggest gig on earth, wat wil u perform?
Stairway to heaven intro, then improvise for 55 minutes.
My songs? Maybe a Velvet Underground cover or two?
Listen to mah discs.


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walk this way-aerosmith
scar tissue-red hot chili peppers
houses of the holy-led zeppelin
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Stairway to heaven intro, then improvise for 55 minutes.

Smoke on the water main-riff a few times, then improvise for 55 minutes.
Id probably just jam out a ton of songs, with my typical funk-fusiony-jazzy-rockish stuff. Its what im good at. Jamming.
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My songs? Maybe a Velvet Underground cover or two?

Lady Godiva's Operation!
well for me i'd perform that Crazy Frog song

jam for 8 hours then play stairway to heaven for an encore
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Originals of course.

YYZ - Rush
Orion - Metallica
Last of my Kind - Crescent Shield
Mother Russia - Iron Maiden
Immortal Corruptor - GWAR
Flowers in the Attic - Budgie
Cult - Slayer
The Nightcomers - Holocaust
Jerry was a Race Car Driver - Primus
Hangar 18 - Megadeth
Lord of Command (Bringer of Hate) - Old Man's Child
Princes of the Universe - Queen
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I ride the waves - Jamie Oakes
Let it be - Beatles
Empty Garden (hey hey johnny) - Elton john

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id only play one song, An acoustic version of Hey Hey, My My (into the Black) then continue the song into My My, Hey Hey (out of the blue) by neil young. then id leave
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Welcome To the Jungle -GnR
Wishmaster - Nightwish
Tornado Of Souls - Megadeth
The Trooper - Iron Maiden
The Phantom Of The Opera - Nightwish
Nemesis - Arch Enemy
Black Star - Carcass
Knocking On Heaven's Door - GnR version
Little Wing - Jimi Hendrix

A few originals. Some blues. blues is fun.

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Actually, a radio station is attempting to do just this. They want to have the worlds largest guitar gig. They h ave already gotten a few thousand guitarists together and we are all gonna play Smoke on the Water lol.

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I'd solo until the security dudes dragged me away from the stage.
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Smoke on the water main-riff a few times, then improvise for 55 minutes.

Ah yes, that can be my encore.
Party hard by Andrew WK
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I'd play Crossroads by Cream and solo to it for three hours.
At the third hour, I'd sing the last verse and converge into ZZ Top's Sharp Dressed Man and jam to that for another few hours. Then I'd play some blues-rock originals. At the sixth hour of the gig, I would then play a Green Day song to make sure I'd get enough groupies for after the show.

For the encore I'd play All Along the Watchtower ala Hendrix.
Well...if it's the biggest gig ever in the world...i'd have to play several different kinds of genres. So since I don't have a band, I would play all my original acoustic songs, which is about 5 complete ones. I have several heavy metal instrumentals of my own that I'd play. Then of course a few covers which would be Tom Petty, Cat Stevens, and maybe a few gospel tunes. I'd only do the covers that are in my vocal range that I know I can sing and play at the same time without sounding like an 11 year old going throuhg puberty.
Can't Touch This

with a 55min improv
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Hmm, maybe Cemetary Gates by Pantera, that would be cool.
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Crossroads, Stairway to Heaven, some random improvisation for about 2hours..... then all folk/blues/jazz original and trad songs... some simon and garfunkel...
finale is while my guitar gently weeps followed by an acoustic version of the original layla (not the acoustic one). AWESOMENESS. acoustic all the way.
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I'd play some of the originals that my old band wrote, cos they were really good, then some really cheesy covers that people will enjoy e.g. Shout at The Devil, Final Countdown etc.
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smoke on the water/stairway to heaven medley. then a bunch of thin lizzy, some original songs (if i could write any decent ones), some skynyrd, some other stuff.
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