Hey guys, first time being on the forums here!

Just wanted to know if any of you here listen to Big Wreck.

Personally I think Big Wreck/Ian Thornley has written some of the best music I have ever heard in my life. His lyrics and guitar riffs are amazing.

He has one of the best voices out there these days. I was looking on youtube and I saw that he did a cover song of The Immigrant Song by Led Zepplin and it was pretty amazing. He hits about every note perfect for being drunk.

If you've never heard Big Wreck I recommend -

-Knee Deep
-That Song
-Pleasure and the Greed
-Blown Wide Open

You might want to check Ian Thornley doing Overemphasizing on Youtube. It's absolutely amazing!
that song is definetly a kick ass tune..

I seen thornley live for the first time last year in my small campus bar and they were amazing, totally rocked the shit out of the place. They opened for the trews and were 10x better than them.
...but I would not want you any other way...
I bet, Ian Thornley has an amazing voice live. They do alot of cover songs as well and shit, just makes the whole concert awesome
amazing...i've only missed two shows in my area in the last 5 yrs...love the band...lvo big wreck too...can't wait for the new cd!