Does anyone have this? http://www.zzounds.com/item--JAC2940012
is it just like a normal rr3 just with a fixed bridge? does it have actual seymours in it? everywhere i look it has different info, so if someone who has one or has seen one could tell me about it that would be great, thanks!
I think it is just a normal RR3 with the fixed bridge, And they arnt actual Seymores, Theyre just Humbuckers wound/wired in the same fashion as seymore duncans.
The picture shows that it has real Duncans in them. Duncan design just say Duncan Design on them.
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At a glance,

The bridge is string-thru-body, so fixed.
Duncan Designed pickups, so they're not actually real seymour duncans.

I mean, alder body, 22 frets, meh.
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the pics show seymour duncans, but the description says duncan designed....so thats why i asked. alot of people say that the picture will show balack this and that and it will end up being chrome, im hopeing someone has one so they can tell me exactly what they got. Thanks for the help above though

btw i would kill for 24 frets....except,

Randy Rhoads with 24 frets > $1000
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That looks like a very nice guitar, if anyone can shed some (accurate) light on it it would be much appreciated.
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i prefer the rr3 with a trem

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yeah im looking at this atm anyone got info on it?
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