i want to install a floyd rose trem system on my strat sooner or later and i was wondering if i have to do anything other than replacing the brigde. Mainly the electronic system
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Umm, No,
But why would you want to put a floyd rose in a strat?
Why not just use a strat trem,
Floyd roses are so much work just to string and restring, Nevermind routing the new cavitie for it,

But to answer your question, Other than relacing the bridge, You will need a Locking nut for the neck to keep the strings in tune whilst using the trem, and possible even modify the neck height,
Carefull before you go chopping up your prized fender though :p
youre gonna have to cut the wood off on the side closet to the headstock, and route a new bridge spot, cut your pickgaurd a little and put two holes through the neck and in the headstock. just get a wilkonson please i beg of you

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