First of all, is it Saga, or Sega?

Second, where do I get them? Would my local store [Billy Hyde's for you Aussie's] have them? Or can you only order them off the net? THanks!
its saga
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ebay is about the only way for you, sorry. good choice, though.
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Well, they cost between 90 and 160 USD... Pretty good value, I bought a T-Style, gonna end up painting the body, I don't want to go through the trouble of staining. The neck is a lil uh,.. friction prone? I put a coat of clear varnish on it and it made it alot better. The hardware could be better. Tuning keys are crappy, pilot holes are a lil small on some things. I.E. neck and neck pockets. The wiring in mine needs to be completely redone, but I wanted to mod it a little anyhow. Personally I think they are pretty good for the cost, I'd go for an S style for cost though. But all depends on your taste. =]
How are the saga kits, i'm considering buying a lp one, but greatly moddifying it with emgs, grover tuners, tone pros bridge and the like. I don't care if holes need to be redrilled or if the finish is rough because i'd be planning on sanding it extremely smooth and leaving the neck unfinished with just a clear coat. My only concern is the quality of the neck, how is the fretting work and general allignment of everything on the guitar? I don't want to buy all these expensive components and put them a guitar that is unplayable. Thanks!!
I own a T-style and P-style Saga kit. Both were easy to assemble and sound pretty good for the price. The holes are slightly off if you try to add aftermarket parts but i was able to add a maple neck and new control plate to the T-style. I am planning on an S-style now that my friend will do custom artwork on.
Mine is well fretted and pretty rattle free with regard to the neck. I hate the bridge though. That'd be my biggest worry and if you're replacing it I don't think you'll have a problem with the kit.
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