bit early yet i think. I hope GWAR comes back with em all
And before he died, Taran-Ish had scrawled upon the altar of chrysolite with coarse shaky strokes the sign of DOOM.
This years Sounds of The Underground should consist of putting Anna Nicole's body in a cave and letting dudes **** her for 50$ a throw. Those plastic tits can hold up I'm sure.
^ yea there wasn;t that much hardcore last year, I went both years and teh first year was alot worse. I have a feeling Shadows Fall will be there which is metalcore....call it a premonition.

my SOTU wish list:
In Flames again
Darkest Hour
Anthrax (obvioulsy not going to happen but I can wish right)
Black Dahlia MUrder (again)
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THAAAANK YOU GoodCharloteSux is god
Supposedly Job For A Cowboy's gonna be on this year, and Through The Eyes Of The Dead again. Probably As Blood Runs Black and All Shall Perish and all of the "deathcore" bands. It'll be fun, I hope.