Censorship is all around us. Every day what you see and hear is effected by it. Your local government censorship agency protects you from all the terrible words spoken on the radio and all the obscene penises and nipples to be seen on the television.

It is good to preserve some sort of modesty when it comes to rude language or scenes that could cause discomfort to some viewers, but when does censorship cross the line and just become absurd? That line to be crossed is a very thin one.

It is generally undesirable for young children to be exposed to words such as 'fuck,' 'bitch,' 'whore,' 'nigger,' 'shit,' etc. because these words are only to be reproduced in the proper setting. It is almost as if these words, and many others with derogatory connotations, are being erased from the English dictionary when it comes to speaking to an audience that could possibly contain people under the age of eighteen, almost like a frightening Orwellian Newspeak.

The question arises, what language do we speak? Everyone who frequents this forum speaks English rather well, and most of you are from English-speaking countries. The immature young people who are protected from these "bad" words are bound to hear them eventually anyways, because they speak English. These words are part of our language and are useful elements of speech. True, these words are mostly slang terms, and some of them such as nigger are often used to express hate, they still hold a valuable place in the English dictionary. Imagine literature without powerful words like these. Writing would be dull and conveying a certain mood would be difficult, if not impossible. Imagine "To Kill A Mocking Bird" without the word nigger.

It seems that censorship is taking a toll on our very means of communication. Though it may be a small and reasonable toll now, the price of paranoia will rise exponentially in the near future.

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If anything, I find censors to be the most racist people around.
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What I never understood was, when someone says "asshole" on tv, they change it too

shouldnt it be the other way around?
People just see the words as offensive and do not want their children learning it. I think it's ok to block out certain language on tv and the radio since I wouldnt want my child to create the habbit of spewing curse words.

Censorship really doesnt stop anyone though. People eventually learn these words and do use them in their everyday lives in appropriate settings.

My parents were strict on me when I was younger when it came to certain words, and although it doesnt seem like it on these message boards, I have a very foul mouth.
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I think that censorship is good, TO AN EXTENT. Like you said I won't want my kid hearing swearing all the time on the radio and what not, but also I don't want to be bleeped out for swearing. I also think that the country has thrown Political Correctness around too much.
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"Affected", not "effected".

And...meh. I never cared much for the censoring of fowl language.

Ideas? Sure. But vulgarity? Nah.
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I see no problem with the censorship of swear words

seriously, whats the big deal?
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Swear words are no different from other words, people just like to blow everything out of proportion and throw stigmas everywhere. What is the difference between saying feces and shit? There isn't one difference at all in my opinion. Both words mean exactly the same thing, yet people like to have control over as much as possible, so they call some words "bad" in order for them to gain more authority/superiority by trying to limit what is acceptable. But honestly, really stop and think about it. We take words that we completely made up, and then say we can't say them? Lame.

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Who says a word is a bad word though? If a word wasn't censored it would hold less meaning.
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doesnt F*ck come from a german word that meens "to strike" and a B*tch is a female dog, a bastard is a child who was born from parents who weren't married, ann A$$hole is just an A$$hole i dont see why thats such a big deal we all have them, its not like you are letting some big secret out of the bag. So in the end what im trying to say is censorship is pointless when you think about it, why not laugh at the fools who use the words but don't know what they really mean.
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**** Bugger ****.

Swearing doesn't bother me in the slightest.
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They don't really have a lot of censorship in Sweden. People say ****, **** and shit on prime time TV, and the character's swear all the time in manga and other forms of media.

I do feel a bit uncomfortable when there's a lot of blatant sexual humor in media made for the children, but I figure it's up to the parents wheter they want to expose their chidlrens to such forms of entertainment,