ok My frets past the 12th fret are buzzing. Do I need to lower the neck or raise it?
It could be a lot of things, in fact.

Put your finger at the point where the body meets the neck and at the 1st fret at the same time. Look at the middle of the neck (around 7th and 8th fret). If there's a huge gap between the strings and the frets, you might need to tighten the truss rod. If its too close on the neck, you might need to loosen it.

It could be your bridge, too. Or it could be a loose fret. If you don't know what you're doing, goto a local store and have an expert check it out.

EDIT: or click here http://www.fretnotguitarrepair.com/neckrepair.htm
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The Truss needs tightened. I have done this before I just couldn't remember which way to go. Thank