"Woah woah, back up," he said. So what if I'm dying to hear from you.
You've got me written all wrong, I'm not meant to be with you
You know it as well as I do.
I told you, I've always been a sucker for a pretty smile and and the wrong words, ****, we both know I'll read them how I want. At least I'm happy for a short time, and that's what's important isn't it? You've always been so delicate when it came to writing short stories, I just never new that I'd be the antagonist who killed the plot. Rising action... Rising action... Rising action...
Oh denoument, you read so well both ways, but I know a tragic ending when I see one.
My dear, I don't blame you for anything, I blame myself. I commit to fast. I fall to hard. And the pavements never been so unforgiving.
I meant to get my watch fixed today, but it never worked. I guess in an odd way that's father time telling me in his own way that things won't go forward as I ever wished they would.
So break out the champagne, the glasses won’t fill themselves
We’ve got reason to celebrate, after all, I’m alone at the end of the song
And isn’t that what we live for? To be alone in the end?
I’m so glad I’ve got myself to keep me company, without that I’d go insane.