Here's another song off of the Hiroshima album.

It's called "The Time Machine", and it borrows the idea of Robert Harris' Fatherland.

The basic synopsis is that Nikita Kruschev goes back in time to even the odds against the US.


The bald man has built a time machine
An attempt to invoke causality
He will stop the birth of a certain country
The codified laws shall never be decreed

Within a few seconds, the circuits realign
Cake boy against all odds has managed to change time

A man who looks like an Afghan hound
To his name, Heydrich, he aspires
This Tazi, he is no Nazi
He is the ruler of the empire

You see, the war of independence was lost
To the empire the land of the free belongs
Western Europe, Africa, rich lands of the east
The immigrant autocrat is far too strong

Kruschev finds himself starving to death
Poisoned light the sun emits
Expulsion of tainted, freezing air
There’s no soviet dream, the peasants are too sick

Nikita searches for the undo on his time machine
No weapons at all in the nation’s array
I don’t like what we have back home
But I guess it has to be that way

crit for crit.