So last year I finally got my first guitar, but haven't really had time to try and be serious until recently. I'm 19 years old, and my first guitar is an acoustic that my parents bought for me, I guess to show their support in me learning, which is great. Its a Oscar Schimdt Washburn I believe.

Well recently I've been messing around alot more recently, trying to learn the basic chords and songs and all. I really do want to train hard and get somewhat serious and maybe even after a year or 2 or even more get a band together, where I would only play ryhthym since I have a friend whos been playing since he was a small kid.

Anyway, after a bit more practice I want to get a electric guitar and was wondering whats some good choices. The sound I'd wanna go for is Chili Peppers, Hendrix, White Stripes, Strokes, and so on to name just a few. So what would be some good choices for a first electric.

Also, how should I approach my learning of the guitar right now. I cant really get much help for like 2-3 months because im dorming away in college, so I pretty much just have the computer and can get books to help. So where should I start out to learn and improve.

Thanks for all the help
a strat probably, depends on how much money you have, and for amps, do not, i repeat do not buy a Marshall MG
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I'd just learn the chords to songs but play them really really slow. Hey Joe is an easy one, if you can't find the chords it's just:


I think they are the same chords throughout but I wouldn't quote me on it.

And remember to play the song really slow so that you can change the chords easier...after a bit of practise try and get faster, and then eventually to the tempo of the original song.
buy a beginners book for electric guitar, preferably one that comes with a CD u can get them form most music shops
One of the first things I noticed when I moved to college....it seems that everyone plays (or at least tries) to play guitar. Try and meet up with some people who seem like real dedicated platers (not the frat guys who are trying to get chicks), either to maybe trade tips with or maybe just to try and jam with. You'd be surprised how much you can pick up from other people.
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a strat probably, depends on how much money you have, and for amps, do not, i repeat do not buy a Marshall MG

Well the amount of money I can spend will probably be 200-300, but I will be getting a job once I'm out of college, and I don't really plan on buying it until then. So I can possibly save and have more than that if I get a good job.

Also I was going to buy a book one day, but I wasn't sure if that was a good idea or not.