When sweeping, is it better for the right hand to move from the wrist or the arm?
Or possibly a combination?

I used to move mainly from the arm but then my teacher said that that was pretty much bad technique.
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I have a dvd and the guy says to "lock you wrist, and sweep across with you're arm" ...so basically the opposite of what your teacher said. I'm not good at sweeping since I haven't tried it much but it seems to me that it would be hard if you were using more wrist... i dunno
See when I used more wrist it was easier actually..
I'm jsut trying to avoid tendonitis and what not and also have good technique haha
You should generally sweep from the wrist, but a bit of arm movement is neccessary. You don't want to have to be moving your arm around alot - that way RSI lies.
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Depends if your sweeping the dust from your doorway or sweep picking i guess....

HAHAHHAHAHAHA well im not sure but if u could gimme some tips on sweepign would be nice.
There is a really helpfull video on this site, by pickngrin in the lessons section, it taught me to sweep preety well... Check it out.
i doubt you (or anybody) would ever be sweeping fast enough for RSI to become an issue, thats only really applies for when youre tremolo picking using an arm action
I sweep the first 2 strings with a wrist motion and then move my hand the distance of the remaining 3 strings (therefore I can only do 5 string sweeps) but they suffice as I rarely come across 6 string sweeps and that way I split the distane moving workload between the wrist and arm