hey guys

the bridge on my accoustic guitar is ****ed ( its an ibanez incase anyone was wondering) so ive bought a new bridge, and was wondering how to take the old one off, and how to glue the new one on
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This is not a job I would recomend doing yourself. With major acoustic jobs such as this, the rule of thumb is if you have to ask how to do it, then you shouldn't do it yourself but because it's an ibanez acoustic it means that it's not really going to be worth taking to a luthier.

You need an Irion, a metal spatula, some cardboard, masking tape, water, a meter stick, some tightbond, sandpaper, a bright flashlight, a quarter inch chisel, a 6" long 2x4, and 4 C clamps with a 6" throat.

You need to heat the bridge but you don't want to heat the rest of the guitar so cover the guitar top with a couple layers of cardboard, leaving the bridge exposed. No get your iron turn the steam all the way up and hold it above the bridge. Just close enough that the steem hits the bridge, but not too close. If the iron it too close you will scorch the bridge and you will burn and blister the guitars finish. It is really easy to ruin a guitar taking the bridge off. After you have heated the bridge for a while try to work the spatula under the bridge. Go slow and don't force anything. When the spatula stops dump a little water on the guitar top and add more heat, then work the spatula under more. Eventually you will get the bridge off.

Next you need to remove all the old glue with sandpaper.

Then after than you have to make a jig for clamping. To do this you put your bright light inside the guitar. When you look on the outside of the guitar you will be able to see the bracing patter on the guitar top. Carve this patter onto your 2x4 block with your 1/4" chisel. This is what your clamps will push against on the inside of the guitar. It is important to have because it make the clamping pressure more even.

Next stop is finding the right spot to put the bridge. This is done by measuring from the 12 fret to the front of the saddle. The actual distance changes from 1 guitar to the next so it might be a good idea to take measurements of the current bridge placement before you take the bridge off.

Once the bridge is in place check to make sure it layers flat. If it doesn't you will need to lay some sandpaper on your guitar top and run the bridge back and forth over the sand paper so that is will make the bridge match the contour of the top. Now tape measure everything out again and tape the bridge down. Then make a masking tape boarder around the bridge. This will help keep glue off the guitar top and it will help you see where to put the bridge after you have glue on it.

Now take the bridge off, sand top where the bridge will be glued so that you can be sure you have a good gluing surface. Then put some glue on the top and some glue on the bridge. Put the bridge back in place and remeasure. Now tape it down really well and measure again. The bridge will slip and move around when you are clamping it so make sure it's taped very well.

Now put your clamping block inside the guitar and put your clamps on. First put one clamp on each outside edge of each side, then remeasure to make sure your bridge hasn't slipped. If it has take the clamps off and readjust. Once the outside 2 clamps are on, put two in the middle.
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