hi guys,
i've been playing for about a year and 2 months, and i got the minor pentatonic shapes down and can run through them fairly fast, but now im trying to learn how to play other keys besides A, and having trouble. I know how u do it and all thats really happening is the box shapes are shifted, but when I switch and start playing quickly, i go back to the key of A out of instinct. Any way to practice this?
Force yourself to think about what you're playing until you don't have to, don't just go over the shapes in one key, do them in any and all keys and make sure you know which is which, find a lick you like the sound of or like playing and work it out in every key.

I suppose what i'm getting at is practice in all keys, not just A.
find backing tracks in different keys and slowly build up your speed through each key
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