ok at the moment i have dean markley .11 - .52's, and i was wondering what would be the best set of strings for me because i am constantly changing between, D standard, C standard, Drop C and Drop B in my writing.

so yes, what would be the best set of strings that doesnt give too much tension in d standard, and is not too floppy in C standard, and Drop B, the strings i have now get i bit floppy in drop B and very floppy in C standard

Get Ernie Ball skinny top Heavy bottom.

They're good and thick for detuning and the high strings are still thin so you can bend and everything like normal.

Why do you tune to those different tunings to write? Standard is standard and drop is drop as far as I know..
Just leave it in C# standard and then you can detune the top string to drop B and yeah. I don't get why you use the different ones.

It sounds the same just a step lower..

EDIT: Wait they're 10 - 52 so not much difference anyway. Your strnigs should be good enough already.
I'm currently using Ernie Ball power slinkys on my downtuned guitar, but it only ever goes to drop - b at lowest, never C standard, i think if you want tension at C standard you may need different strings again, probably 12s at least, but that means either another guitar or changing strings a lot, but TheDev01dOne is right, try writing in one set of tunings (like D Standard and drop C) and if you don't like the tone or if it's not heavy enough, then downtune the guitar and try playing the same riff in a lower/different tuning.

You should always try and leave your tuning as constant as possible.
i try to keep it constant, im usually in drop c, but i cant help but change tunings for something different
Get a capo, it'll save you an awful lot of hassle. Stick it in the lowest tuning you use, then all you have to do is tune the 6th string up or down 2 half steps depending on what tuning you want to use and capo at the relevant fret.
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