Hello my friend and welcome to Ultimate Guitar..
For your information there is already a thread in which all new members can go in there and introduce theirselves or just say hello.

Read the rules and enjoy the website
I put a dollar in a change machine. Nothing changed.
eyy man, welcome to Ultimate Guitar. Hopefully you have a good time in the forums.
^Yes, sadly we advise do not go there until you are sure that you are prepared to be flamed for a random mistake, or posting a bad thread.

Go under the Archives of Best Threads to see what threads have been made and look at the important information there that'll keep you floating in this sea of chaos, it'll make sure you don't screw up too badly. :P
Get off my lawn.
My , that sticky is making a world of a difference already
Changed signature after 4 years.

Will take some time to make a new one.
^That's all it took I think, someone like g-love69 to bring it to attention. A new era now.
Get off my lawn.
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i have 3 words of advice for you...BEWARE THE PIT!

Go into the Pit, but make sure you have a sense of humor and well common sense.
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