Hi guys.

One of my guitars is a JS30DK Dinky (jackson). Yes this is an entry level guitar. I have owned the guitar for about 2 years and I am taking it into the shop again tomorrow due to a neck issue. What is happening is that the strings seem dead. So if I were to strike an open B. It does not even play the note.

this is the 4th time I am bring this guitar in to have it fixed. the guitar does have a Jackson version of the floyd rose on it which I think is garbage. Any idea what conditions is causing this guitars neck to go out of wack so often???

It sits on a guitar stand in my basement. The basement is not damp or anything. It is a finished basement.
js30dk doesnt have a floyd rose type doesnt? i thought it was more of a FAT type brige.

disregard that...
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perhaps your neck has a massive back bow, so the strings touch the frets in the middle of the neck, causing open strings to sound muted.
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I had a similar problem with the high e and B strings on my LP Studio, and the solution was simply to readjust the bridge. Yours is probably pretty close to the same thing, though I don't know how the floyd rose would affect that.
OK, I just brought my guitar in and he adjusted the neck for me on the spot. Took like 10 minutes. He said that there was a bow in it. I said man, this has been like the 4th time I have had this in since I owned the guitar. He said it is very normal for the necks to go out of wack like that... But almost every 6 months to where the guitar is not playable. Is there certain materials that necks are made out of that cause this or proper ways to store it to prevent this as well or is it just something that can happen from time to time. I have owned other guitars and this is the only one that seems to go out this bad.

And I do agree that the strings seem to close to the fret board. Is this something I can fix myself? Or should I get someone to do it for me?