First recording of anything I'm using a headset mic so forgive the quality.

Also not complete

I am an idiot. I always read these and was amazed how people always forget the link. Now I know why.

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Wow, i've never heard this before but your playing sounds really awesome. and pshh the quality isn't even bad as you implied. i'm amazed at how you seem to keep perfect timing even while your doing all those little parts in between. i'm usually not impressed by instrumentals because they bore me but this i like a lot. no complaints, it sounds really good.

thanks for the crit.
I discovered Antoine Dufour, Don Ross, and other fingerstyle players awhile ago and I'm just blown away by their playing. Great cover here, it's good to see it in these forums.
you played the song wonderfully, and the mic didn't sound too bad, Except when I think you hit the microphone. It was played very well though, make sure you post the whole thing if you record it...

and if you wouldn't mind checking out one of my covers, heres a link
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I liked the guitar work in the intro. It sounds almost classical. I haven't heard the original...so sorry for the short crit Hey at least it got bumped