i play a lot of red hot chili peppers,muse,incubus and i was wondering what's the best guitar i could get for 400$ or less. I dont have the luxury of testing it first since im only ordering it. Thanks guys.
eurgh, no testing is a bit of a gamble.

go to your local gweetar store and try a few out, it'll give you some taste of them.

though judging by your tastes, models like strats, teles or les pauls should be fine.
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Fender Standard Strat or Fat Strat. You'll be able to find them any shop, unless you're in the middle of nowhere.
HSS Strat aka Fat strat
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thanks guys! that helped a lot. at first i was doubting a mexican made strat. but not so much now.
wait im kinda a noob here. what's the difference between maple and rosewood?
in noob terms maple is like blonde wood.... rosewood is dark

maple has a brighter sound
go with maple!!!

ill tell you....i presume you are talking about the fretboard yeah?
well maple is a pale yellow looking wood on fretboards and rosewood is a brown colour.

maple gives the sound a brighter edge whereas rosewood gives a warmer sound.

the tonal aspects dont mean much regards fretboards in this case so just pick whichever you think looks better.........which would be maple

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how's about a Fender Deluxe Player's Strat...I'm just kinda wondering about them?
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strats are way too overused

Ummm maybe that means they are good Guitar

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I think not being able to pick out your own MIM strat is a problem. There are a lot of duds and you might have to send the guitar back if it's a crappy one.

Just to post something different (and in my opinion superior to a standard strat):

Godin Radiator
Godin SD
Far better build quality than MIM Fenders (Godins are built in Canada).

You should definitely consider them.
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strats are way too overused

That's because they're the most versatile guitars on the market. I'm guessing you play a BC Rich to be different and kvlt?
PRS SE custom or
PRS Tremonti SE-i hate the guy and his music but that guitar is so dam nice...
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