If you go to the main manufacturers and then find the dealers section, then australia, there should be links to the australian dealers/importers.
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Dumbass that is a classical guitar, use nylon strings or the neck will crack... and not the kind you were smoking when you wrote this.
RRP in this country is pretty meaningless, most of the music stores here just publish that, then sell for less. Stores like Allens, Billy Hydes and Venue (those being the main ones I go to in Sydney) are always happy to match each others prices.

For instance I'm currently shopping for an Epiphone LP Custom for my brother's 18th. I'm going to get a few hundred of dad, get his friends to put in $50 each and split the balance between me and my cousin. The RRP on that guitar is $1,200, but no one actually sells it over a grand, except venue and when I mentioned the Allens price they immediately beat it.

Where are you based?
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Just move it around the fretboard