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The Gods Illiterate (blue)
1 17%
The Feti of Flora (red)
5 83%
Voters: 6.
The Gods Illiterate

To the moon and stars I send thee:
• My love
• My desire
• My dreams

To the black heavens, I would send you light but I have no means of sending any to you. It seems that whenever I try, you guzzle it up and forever seem to require more. How may I win?

To the sun I send thee my good tidings and hope you shall burn for millennia to come. I hope you shall give us your heat and light for time unending.

To the earth beneath my feet I send thee my thanks for keeping me up and not swallowing me whole. You make me move forward and look upward and catch me when I fall. You are a true friend.

For my sweetheart I send thee my heart. You mean the cosmos and more to me. I want to be with you forever and ever, but of course that is both self-centred and naïve, both of which you do not like. I wish to be with you for as long as Mistress Time allows.

And for the gods illiterate I send thee nothing. You have taken from me without asking and I am in no doubt that you are nothing more than cowards. I’ll live my life the way I see fit. I don’t need you.

The Feti of Flora

I wanted to bring love
back into my life
So I put myself on
a rosebud diet
so that my words
would come out
as potpourri
when diction failed me

Now I feast
on the feti
of flora

I wanted to bring you
back into my life
So I began to eat
the roses stems
so that the thorns
would keep my tongue
in check
when patience failed me

Now I
can hardly
feast at all
They are both really good, but I prefered the 2nd song quite alot. I just thought that its easily flowing, its easier to read and its short. I like my lyrics to be sung fast, so I'd imagine the first song would be a mouthful lol, but the 2nd would work quite easily. These might be strange reasons, but thats how I prefer my songs. But both songs are reaaally good!
^well i really dont think either of these are songs... but oh well... thanks for the input.
1st for me, I was kinda taken by both, and kinda put off things in both. But blue had something slightly more.
Filth, pure filth... That's what you are.
red. there's something a bit Walt Whitman about it. has anyone read "The Compost"? there's some faint connection between it and red, but red is missing the acceptant, almost triumphant ending of Whitman's effort.

still, it got my vote. : )