Hello everyone,

I've just started playing guitar after a few months of ooo'ing and aaah'ing. I thought it might be a nice idea to write a thread about my progress in this new instrument and update it as time goes by. Maybe it can act as a guide to future learners to see the things I am doing to progress, that is the hope anyway. I'm planning to write a post a week saying what I have learned, the difficulties I came accross when doing it, and how I rectified it.

So; the best place to start is usually the beginning?


I visited a guitar shop and tried out some guitars (as you generally do) and decided upon an SG since I liked the playing position. In the end I chose an Epiphone SG G-400. This was £329 in the shop and so I looked around on the internet and found the above link. I then had an idea of looking on ebay and picked up a hardly used G-400 which came with a hardcase for £204. The guitar is in excellent condition and the only thing I can see wrong with it is a slight mark on the neck which I wouldn't have seen had the seller not informed me about it.


After seeing what a friend's Line 6 Spider II 75W amp could do I was pretty much set on getting a Spider. I've read on these forums that some people say they have horrible digitized tones but to be honest I haven't noticed this and I've been playing the piano for the last 9 years on both normal and electric pianos (Own a Baby Grand and a Clavinova). It was recommended on this forum that I should get a Cube30 or Cube15 and these also looked very nice.

I went back to the guitar shop and asked to try out some amps, they didn't have a Cube but they did have a Spider III 15W amp which I thought sounded really nice and was more than powerfull enough for practice (turning volume past 20% makes my room shake and the clean amp model starts to distort when turned past 70% as my neighbours I'm sure can attest to, they weren't impressed). So I bought it for £99. One thing I will say about the amp though is that the pictures on most sites for the Spider IIIs seem to be pictures of Spider IIs, at least for the 15W version because it doesn't have the lights on the front indicating what is selected and the amp models are slected with buttons rather than a knob. Like most amps this one also has a headphone out socket for anyone worrying about being embarassed learning new chords and generally messing things up with people nearby.

The shop threw in a Planet Waves right angled guitar lead which has gold plated and electronically shielded connectors. I needed the right angled version because the jack on the G-400 is on the front of the guitar and if a normal lead is plugged in it sticks out in an unsightly fashion and makes reaching the tone and volume controls for the humbuckers (pickups) tricky.

One thing I will say is that before I bought anything I did my research on this site and other places on the net and I'm really glad I didn't just jump in blind.

Wish me luck, will say how I'm getting along in a weeks time.

p.s. the ends of my fingers hurt
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Good luck with your future guitar exploits

Writing a series on how you progress, from getting your gear to learning and so on, sounds like a really good idea, even if just as a personal record. Have you checked out the contribution forum? Might be worth a look if you're wanting to write.
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This is a good idea, I think once you get really good, and this is pretty long, it should posted up in the Guitar Basics or Newbie forum, for reference and stuff.
hmm, hopefully you dont get flamed too much about the amp... not many spider fans on here but still, good job
I'm relieved to hear that at least a few people think it's a good idea. I read the 2 stickied posts at the top of the page and was really afraid of just being told to 'stfu noob' or whatever these hardened forum warriors tend to say.

Glad I posted.

I'll check out the contributions forum like you say. Might be a good idea.
Word of advice, practice chords and strumming like mad

I know its obvious but really, I know too many guitarists who can wank the hell out of their axe, but when it comes to strummin a few chords theyre pretty pathetic.

Good luck!
Good job, man. I started playing guitar about two months ago and i'm slowly progressing. I'm only playing a Fender Starcaster Acoustic though. I hope to get better... Anyways, good luck.
Since you play piano, I think you'll learn guitar easier. The key to guitar-godliness is practice.

The fingers will be fine. Good luck.
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i'm surprised myself at how few flames there have been in this thread
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