hey guys. I am new here, this place rocks
I live In India and have been playing guitar for 2.5 years. Currently I have a Fender Semi Acoustic and i wanna buy an electric. In India there are just a handfull of guitar shops with crappy guitars at awfull prices.. (a squire for 250$ starting). I am going to China In a Few days and will buy a Guitar from There. I am Looking For a Schecter c-1 hellraiser with floyd rose.. I mostly Play Metal And Classic Rock. Can Anyone Tell Me Shops in China prefably Beijing where I can Find Guitars?

hey dude, i wish i could help you, im from Malaysia anyways, were not too far off..

well anyways, welcome to UG!!
"I don't mind making sissy rock. I'll rock your ass sensitive style" - John Mayer
^^ nice to meet you.. yeah we are not far off, its the closest Island to India and a reaaly cool place. I went there last year