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Design For Life
9 82%
Motown Junk
2 18%
Voters: 11.
My band has just had a big change in musical direction, and as a cover band we've agreed that we'll only do 1 song by 1 particular band.

So the big question is:

Which Manic Street Preachers song?

Design for Life or Motown Junk?
design for life, you can't help loving it
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Design for life, although you should do If you tolerate this then your children be next

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sounds like....u need a...

You'll never get the vocals.

And if you do, La Tristesse Durera.
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I appreciate we probably wont nail the vocals, but we're an instrumental band at the moment and if we can't find a good enough singer we'll drop the song.

There are so many awesome Manics songs it was a nightmare to get it down to those two, but it's looking like Design for Life, so thanks for all your input.