Ok so what is a good program that i can use to burn high quality DVD's from my Digital Camcorder. I would like a free program you can download preferably, but i just want to know what is the best
I suggest "DVD MovieFactory4 SE"

really useful program and easy to use.

for getting the video from your cam to the computer you'll need a transfer software with a fire wire or USB.
now my sony handycam will only allow you to use the software that comes with the camera to transfer or else its all glitchy.....that sux but it still works...

yes i have a handicam also i have have a firewire.. but i used from program and the quality sucked ass when i burned it. so im thinking the program compress it or something
yea the handicams are not too good for making DVDs...
the USB and sony software is the only way to go from what ive heard...

i suggest another cam that records directly to DVD disks if you have the money.