saw it last night on mtv2, thought it was pretty damn bad. i would have perferred it if it was just korn, and not like 10 other perople playing weird instruments, and they did a terrible version of radiohead's creep, and amy lee from evernescence sang with them, and where was dave? they had some other drummer wearing this gay mask!
ah, it was listenable. Somewhat.
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You calling your parents assholes because they wouldn't buy you a phone with a camera? Maybe you deserve to have picks on your nips.
It was pretty bad like.
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Is there any black people on UG?
I don't think a lot of black people play guitar anymore.

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they all kinda went extinct after hendrix really.

Needless to say, I lol'ed.

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Appart from being on UG or wanking, thats what i mostly do