I was just wondering if anyone here is going to see the Black Label Society in Toronto on March 30th? I'm sure it's going to be hell of a good show. Anybody seen Black Label Society? If so, what were the best parts?
I'm going to that show as well

looking forward to it...it seems Zakk only graces Toronto with his presence every 5 or 6 years
I'm just gonna leave this thread cuz I have little good to say about zakk wylde.

Can play well, let's leave it at that.
i saw them on the 11th and they are amazing. it was the best show ive ever been to. i was right at the front, and it was loud.nick and jd threw 4-6 picks constantly and craig threw a few sticks. at the end of the show, zakk and craig came off the stage to the barrier and shook everybodys hand. it was amazing. and the opening band, sanctity, was amazing. im definately going to buy the album when it comes out for sure. make sure you get there early to be in front.
Motley Crue 2/11/06!
Motley Crue/Aerosmith 11/21/06!
Sanctity/BLS 3/12/07!
Bleeding Through/Slayer/Manson-7/25/07!
A7x/Operator/the Confession/Black Tide 11/25/07!
Van Halen 2/12/07!
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