Poll: Who looks better bald?
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View poll results: Who looks better bald?
Britney Spears
15 29%
Corey Taylor
36 71%
Voters: 51.
They've both recently gone insane with shavers, so...

Who looks better bald: Corey Taylor or Britney Spears?


http://www.11alive.com/assetpool/images/0721991330_britneyhair250.jpg (best I could find)


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Britney.I am not attracted to men,sorry....
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LOL @ Corey Taylor, i didnt realise he had cut all his hair off. But yeah Britney anyday, even if she is bald i wouldn't say no
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natalie portman ftw!

but in this poll, defo corey. spears is just a total state.
corey taylor looks like voldemort in that picture.

and britney spears looks like devin townsend...
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corey looks like a different person without his hair. it'll be wierd when he joins slipknot again without the purple/pink. anyway stone sour are way better then slipknot.
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I like Corey more, he can actually sing too..
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They both look weird, but Corey has a weirder shaped skull so Britney it is!