Well I got this amp the other day and so far it is a big improvement on my last. I can finally achieve the tones I want

however I have some issues with the lead channels....

I can't seem to get a tone I TRULY like on the amps lead channels (I mainly use the R-Fier), the EQ on the amp doesn't REALLY seem to make much of a difference...can anyone possibly give any recommended settings they use?

I also use a Fuzz Factory and a Boss DS-2 with this amp, and I use an EQ pedal to fully get the tones I need. However when I use the EQ pedal solely on the amps lead channel, again for me usually the R-fier, it makes absolutely NO difference. I can't I have even tried turning all the knobs up and then all the knobs down to see if that affects it but it still doesn't. Is this normal? or is it that my EQ pedal just isn't good enough? I use a behringer EQ pedal so it's obviously not the best but surely if it works with my pedals it should work with my amp?

if this is normal for this amp, would it be wise for me to simply just look for another distortion pedal and not use the amps lead channel? I'd rather not purely just let the channel go to waste but If I'm not going to be able to get the right tones....
I don't know about your EQ pedal, but these are the settings I use on my Cube 30X.

For a Michael Angelo Batio/Santana smooth solo tone:
Bass 4
Mids 8
Treble 3
Gain 3
And moderate delay.

For chunky riffing:
Bass 8
Mids 5-6
Treble 7
Gain 7
Either delay or reverb, depending on your tastes.
Dunno about an EQ pedal but I used a multi-fx and I just did guitar -> pedal -> amp and it was fine. The EQ on the Cubes is pretty crap, have everything high on there, put it on clean and then fine tune with your EQ pedal.
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i used a Boss GE-7 (and a NS-2 noise suppressor!!) in front of my Cube 30 and i found that it made a nice difference, but mainly because it helped me to un-muddy my sound. the on-board EQ on the Cubes seems to do very little except drastic changes in your tone when you really turn the knobs far. this might have something to do with the nature of modeling amps, or at least the cubes anyway in my experience. if you have a general idea of how you want to set your tone (i.e. boost mids, cut back bass) then set the knobs on the amp, then maybe try setting the EQ similarly and then making all the fine adjustments from the EQ pedal.
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